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Advanced diseases and high dependency are closely related and require a more effective and efficient model for coordinated and integrated social and health care services. The design of new services should, in the first place, incorporate the citizens’ perspective in order to achieve a truly effective integrated care, focused on the real needs of people.

The Spanish Observatory on Integrated Care [OMIS]


Within the area of Integrated Care, the Foundation has launched the Spanish Observatory on Integrated Care (OMIS), supported by a web platform, to promote the implementation of Integrated Care models and synergies between health and social care  systems through the analysis of best practices and knowledge sharing among key stakeholders.

Integrated Care in Spain

Health and social care integration is already happening in Spain. Various innovative integrated care experiences have been put in place across the country, including:

  • System integration experiences: definition
of a common basket of services; patient stratification schemes; integration/ interoperability of clinical and social electronic records.
  • Organizational integration: accountable care organizations; coordinating committees; case managers.
  • Service level integration: jointly agreed clinical pathways; new care services; etc.

The OMIS is part of the network of the International Foundation for Integrated Care (IFIC) to help advance the science, knowledge and adoption of integrated care policy and practice globally

Please check out our brochure by clicking here

The Observatory has its own website, only avalaible in Spanish at the moment: www.omis.newhealthfoundation.org