Palliative Care Programme
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The Foundation promotes quality of life and relief of suffering for people with advanced diseases and their loved ones. The actions developed are based on the extension, development and management of programmes of excellence in Palliative Care.

What do we do?

Palliative Care public policies:

  • We advise governments, administrations and public institutions regarding implementation or improvement of Palliative Care national plans and strategies.

Palliative Care Programmes and Services / Resources:

  • We develop integrated models of Palliative Care adapted to organisations to enable them to design and implement Palliative Care programmes and services / resources.
  • These models allow a more efficient management of resources with dramatic cost savings as well as added benefits for organisations.
  • We analyse the extent of the use of health resources and costs at the end of life with the objective to evaluate these programmes within the organization.


  • We have implemented a systematic working approach based on the NEWPALEX® method, a holistic approach for the development, management and leadership of Palliative Care programmes and resources, which enables organisations to be certified as efficient structures providing excellent support.
  • We provide organisations with clinical care and management tools required for the adequate provision of services and the quality of care.
  • We train professionals in Palliative Care programme management through leadership and change management actions for their working teams.

NEWPALEX ® Guidelines

  • The Foundation has developed and published guidelines which include standards for the implementation and certification of the NEWPALEX® method.