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The foundation receives almost all of its funds from corporations, foundations and individuals that subsidize the costs of programmes and specific activities we offer or support the general purpose of the foundation.

While it is clear that economic resources are essential to carry out our work in an efficient way, our relationship model offers different possibilities and collaborative opportunities:

0. I want to become a member of the Foundation

We need people like you.

With you and your regular contribution you will become a part of a social base committed with care, making others to feel fine thanks to our “We are all with you” project. If you are interested in joining the Foundation and associating it, fill out this form and we will contact you.

Any contribution you make is considered a deductible donation in the Personal Income Tax or Corporate Income Tax declaration.

1. I want to make it possible and donate

Help us to fill the world with communities that care!

Your donation will be destined exclusively to concrete actions of We are all with you project, which seeks to involve citizens in creating communities that help with care to persons with advanced disease to live better, especially to the patients at the end of life and those who care them, complementing the health care provided by palliative care.

Any contribution you make is considered a deductible donation in the Personal Income Tax or Corporate Income Tax declaration.

2. I want to add my brand to the common goal

Add visibility to your Corporate Social Responsibility Programme!

If your organisation is committed to our mission and you wish to support us in any of our projects, fill out the form and we will contact you in order to start our collaboration.


3. I want to register an integrated care experience

Help us to go on increasing the number of registered experiences on our map!


  • Check the registration instructions before you register your experience.
  • Download the registration instructions to share your experience in Integrated Care at the OMIS (Spanish Observatory on Integrated Care) website.
  • Fill out the OMIS registration form. Once you fill it out, please indicate if you wish your experience to be analyzed and incorporated into valuable experiences.
  • Your experience will be reviewed by OMIS technical team and then we contact you in order to formalize the registration process.
  • If you have any further questions regarding to the registration process, please contact us: omis@newhealthfoundation.org


4. I want to optimize my palliative care resource

Meet the NewPalex® Method!

New Health Foundation has a proven experience in the development, management and implementation of different Palliative Care Policies and Programmes at various levels.

If you would like to optimize your palliative care resource at the level of policies, programs or equipment, fill out the form below and we will contact you and start our collaboration.

5. I want to participate in the “We are all with you” Programme

You can help us in many ways!

Any person and / or company can participate in the project. You need only to fill out the form below, and we will contact you.

  • Partner: If you wish to make visible the care and support activities you are already developing.
  • Promoter: If you wish to lead our “We are all with you” project in your city.
  • Collaborating Center: If you wish to provide resources for campaigns and / or training.
  • Welfare Center: If you represent a center that provides care for people with advanced disease and wish to develop your services far beyond the health care system.
  • Professional Expert: If you are a professional of health or social area and wish to take part in our “We are all with you” project.
  • Association: if you are a group of persons involved in health care area and you have some hours available for providing care and companionship voluntarily.
  • If your contribution is different from the mentioned above, please select Other.