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La Fundación busca incorporar los siguientes perfiles profesionales que quieran sumarse a nuestra causa:

Senior Data Analyst

Adverto Consultores are seeking a Senior Consultant / Data analyst at New Health Foundation (work location will be at the central office located in Sevilla). The main duties of the job, among other things, will be: Knowledge and research management; projects coordination, predictive analysis, data development and interpretation…All these duties related with health area (improvement of the quality life, clinical efficiency; cost of efficiency, etc).

Essential requirements:

– Bachelor´s degree in Statistics, Mathematics, Physics, Computer Engineering, Actuarial Science or similar, or in Health Sciences.

– English level required: C1 (There will be speaking and writing tests)

– At least 5 years of work experience doing the following duties: Collection, refinement, processing and analysis of data. Creation of health indicators Knowledge and research management; development and publication of scientific articles.

– Experience in R y/o Phyton, y SQL y SPSS, Bigdata y analitycs.

New Health Foundation offers permanent work (6 months contract + indefinite contract), salary depends on the employee value. It is mandatory to live in Sevilla or have possibilities of changing the place of residence.

Send your CV to: rrhh@newhealthfoundation.org


Si estás interesado/a y quieres formar parte de nuestra base de datos, envíanos tu currículum completo a rrhh@newhealthfoundation.org ,  valoraremos tu candidatura en caso de que iniciemos algún otro proceso de selección próximamente.

¡Muchas gracias!